Indonesian television on Tuesday showed graphic images of a body in the Java Sea, which is said to be of one of the passengers of AirAsia Flight 8501, which went missing Sunday, with 162 people on board, while flying from Surabaya in Indonesia to Singapore's Changi International Airport.

A local television network showed a half-naked, swollen body bobbing in the sea, while rescue teams were shown being lowered on ropes from an aircraft to retrieve the corpse. Relatives and family members of the plane’s passengers watched the graphic details of the operation unfold on television from a waiting room at the Surabaya airport, and many of them “screamed and wailed uncontrollably,” according to a report from

One middle-aged man reportedly collapsed after watching the images on television. He was rushed from the waiting room on a stretcher. Channel NewsAsia, which broadcast the footage, has apologized for showing the graphic images on its TV feed, taken directly from a local TV station.

AirAsiaflight_rescue A rescue team member is lowered on ropes from a hovering helicopter to retrieve a corpse. Photo: screenshot

Meanwhile, at least 40 bodies have reportedly been retrieved from the search area and the number is growing, according to the Indonesian navy.