Following more than 3 months at the helm of the embattled Airbus jet-making division of parent company EADS, the division's CEO, Christian Streiff resigned on Monday. The EADS board announced that his replacement would be Louis Gallois, the current Co-CEO of the company.

France-born Christian Streiff was Airbus CEO for less than 4 months after he announced his resignation. His successor, Louis Gallois, will take on his new position but will also remain as the Co-CEO of EADS.

The other EADS Co-CEO, Tom Enders, will now only be responsible for the non-Airbus divisions, with Gallois taking charge of the Airbus division.

The EADS Board of Directors said that it would make on the decision on the future of the A350 XWB jet in a coming weeks.

”The new management structure will allow, on the one hand, a leaner, more efficient corporate governance and, on the other hand, additional cost savings within the EADS group,” EADS said in a statement.

Due to the management changes in EADS, the second largest aerospace company after Boeing, all non-Airbus divisions will now report to EADS Co-CEO Tom Enders in the future.