Aisha Gadhafi, the daughter of the recently deposed and murdered Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi, may be seeking asylum in Israel.

An Israeli news site called Walla, citing a report on Intelligence Online, reported that Aisha, who escaped Libya for Algeria in August, had confided to friends that Israel might be the only place in the world where she would feel safe.

Presumably, since Israel has no diplomatic ties with Libya, residing there would prevent the new regime in Tripoli from trying to extradite her and put her on trial – the fate of her brother, Saif al-Islam.

Reportedly, Aisha is fearful that her hosts in Algeria will succumb to pressure from Libya to deport her back to her native country.

The Los Angeles Times reported that Aisha’s attorney Nick Kaufman is an Israeli and a former official with Israel’s Ministry of Justice. Kaufman was retained by Aisha and her brother Saadi to determine if the brutal killing of their father constituted a “war crime.”

While the thought of the child of an Arab dictator seeking a safe haven in Israel may seem absurd, rumors have persisted for many years that Moammar Gadhafi might have been Jewish (If these rumors are true than Aisha would have the right to settle in Israel under the terms of the Law of Return).

In 2009, Israeli television interviewed two women who claimed Gadhafi was a Jew. One of them, a Jewish woman named Guita Brown, claimed that Gadhafi’s mother was her great-aunt.

Jews had lived in Libya since ancient times. By the time the Fascist Italian regime took control of Libya followed by the German Nazis, Jews started leaving, principally for Europe and North America. Under Gadhafi’s rule, the Jewish community all but vanished from Libya.