Aishwarya Rai, the biggest movie star in India and regarded (by some) as being the most beautiful woman on the planet, is in the news again with the arrival of a new baby daughter in November with her actor husband, Abhishek Bachchan.

There has been much speculation in Indian media of what the glamorous couple will name the baby. (In India, newborn are not typically granted a name right at birth).

Aishwarya has herself reportedly said the baby’s name will be “not long” and “sweet.”

Indian Hindu parents typically spend a lot of time choosing their baby’s name, based on, among other things, ethnic-cultural standards, but also according to meaning.

But what does Aishwarya’s own name mean?

According to various sources, Aishwarya is a Sanskrit word meaning “wealth” and “prosperity” (quite appropriate for one of the highest paid celebrities in India).

Abhishek is a name that means “offering of music” (which may or may not make any sense, depending on whether or not he has any musical talent).

Incidentally, former Betake George Harrison named his son Dhani --- which in the Hindi language means “rich” or “rich man” (again, highly appropriate). Then again, Abhishek would fit, too.