"When I was that size, I [thought], what do I need a scale for?" Nevin told a CNN reporter Friday.

An Internet search on 'diabetes' keyed by 25-year-old Will Nevin only grew the recent University of Alabama graduate's suspicions on his heart pains. Nevin told CNN International that he suffered from symptoms, such as a tingling in his feet, which he assumed was probably a symptom of pre-diabetes, but fear kept him from a confirmed diagnosis.

For Nevin, the ultimate evidence came on a road trip from Alabama to California in January 2010 with a few friends. At the wheel, Nevin began to feel a tightening in his chest, shortly after his heart started racing.

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After a near 350-pound Will Nevin felt a pain in his chest while riding out to Pasadena to see a sports game, "he knew it was time for a lifestyle change," a reporter noted.

Fearing sudden heart attacks or a diabetes diagnosis, Nevin began going to his university's student recreation center and once the student overcame three-mile runs on the treadmill, he shed 175 pounds in 11 months.

A simple keyword search may have become, perhaps, Nevin's saving grace.

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