The US Supreme Court is expected to rule by end of June on Donald Trump's claim to be immune from prosecution

SCOTUS Unanimously Votes To Maintain Access To Abortion Pill

In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court permitted doctors to mail the pills to their patients even without an in-person visit. Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote the opinion on the case, citing lack of standing as the grounds for the decision.
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Olivia West

Destigmatizing Mental Health With Dr. Olivia West

In an American Psychological Association poll, 86% of adults believe individuals with mental health disorders can improve. Dr. Olivia West, or Dr. O, is dedicated to assisting those struggling with mental health, bridging the gap for those facing difficulty accessing help.
Fertility clinics throughout Alabama quickly announced they were pausing IVF treatments in light of legal risks, after the state's supreme court ruled frozen embryos are children

Alabama Gov. Ivey Signs IVF Protection Bill Amid Legal Turmoil

The new law, a Republican-backed initiative, does not directly address the personhood issue at the core of the Supreme Court ruling but aims to provide civil and criminal immunity to IVF providers and patients for the destruction or damage to embryos.


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