French Canadian porn star Alex Torres and Hope Howell claim that the video of the two of them having sex just before skydiving over Kern County, Calif., has attracted the interest of television show host Howard Stern.

While Howell did not part with details, she did tell 23ABC that all three parties (Stern, Torres and herself) were in negotiations.

The video shows Torres, also a part-time skydiving instructor at Skydive Taft, having sex with Howell, the company's secretary, just before and during the skydive. Police were alerted to the video after Torres posted it on his blog. The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating to see if the video breached rules banning activity that could distract a pilot while in command of an airborne craft.

At one point, the video shows Torres and Howell in the seat next to the pilot.

According to a KGET report, Torres and Howell filmed the video early in the morning, when nobody would be disturbed and no public nudity complaints could be thrown their way.

According to a report on, the owner of Skydive Taft, David Chrouch, has fired both Torres and Howell from their positions in the company.