Soviet L-39 Albatross

Iowa Air Show Crash Kills Pilot [VIDEO]

The Iowa sir show crash in Davenport Saturday killed one veteran pilot, Glenn A. Smith, when he lost control of the Soviet-era jet he was flying. Video footage from spectators has been released, depicting a giant fireball emerging from a nearby field.
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New York Air Traffic Controllers Slept On Duty: OSC

The Federal Aviation Administration is being urged to implement stronger oversight of air safety after officials found several safety rules violations on the part of air traffic controllers in New York.
Landing gear final inspector Henao works on a piece of landing gear at AAR's facility in Medley, Florida

Veterans help manufacturers plug skills gap

Three years ago Gabe Collins was on the front line in Kandahar province, one of the most dangerous places in war-ravaged Afghanistan, conducting search and rescue missions with the U.S. Navy.
Lisa Irwin and Unrelated Stabbing Incident

Missing Baby Lisa Irwin Timeline: Where is 1-Year-Old After 3 Months?

Lisa Irwin has been missing for three months since her mysterious disappearance on Oct. 4. The 1-year-old's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin, continue to maintain that baby Lisa disappeared from their home nearly a month ago. Her family's Kansas City attorney, John Picerno, said in a statement Tuesday that authorities have new information regarding missing baby Lisa Irwin.
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Young Woman Pilot Makes Awe-Inspiring Emergency Landing in Conroe

A 22-year-old pilot hit a power line, knocked over a street sign and had to dodge a car while landing her plane on a Huston suburb street on Tuesday night, and she is being appreciated for the same. Yes, that was a brave act, and she did what was best at that moment. Sarah Chantal Rovner, whose plane engine stalled while in the air, has less than 100 hours flying experience and got her flying license just three months ago. Considering her experience, what she has done is heroic.
5 Killed in Texas Plane Crash

Texas Plane Crash: 5 Killed in Third Crash in 24 Hours [VIDEO]

A family of five including two small children were killed late last night when the pilot's single-engine plane crashed on its way from Atlanta, Ga. to Waco, Texas. Though officials have no word on what caused the fatal accident, the third reported U.S. plane crash in 24 hours, stormy weather and heavy snows may have been responsible.
Boeing's 787 Dreamliner

Boeing Dreamliner Hits Delivery Delay

The airline, the first operator of Boeing's 787 Dreamliner, said in a statement on its Web site last week that a productivity reason is being given for the delay in delivery. All Nippon said it will delay Dreamliner service between Tokyo and Beijing and between Tokyo and Frankfurt as a result.


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