French-Canadian porn star Alex Torres' video of a skydiving sex stunt in California has provoked officials from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to investigate the matter.

According to reports, a video Torres posted on his blog indicated that he had sex with Hope Howell, while listening to a Katy Perry song, before they recently skydived over Kern County, Calif. At the time, Torres was a part-time skydiving instructor, and Howell was a receptionist at Skydive Taft. In addition, reports also suggest the couple continued having sex as they jumped out of the plane. The FAA is concerned the incident could have distracted the pilot of the aircraft.

In fact, the video is even believed to show Torres and Howell having sex at one point in a seat next to the pilot.

Ian McGregor, an FAA spokesman, told ABC that the FAA was investigating the video to determine “whether the activity could have distracted the pilot or resulted in the pilot being jostled and bumped.

“Every case is different, and it would be inappropriate for me to comment on any possible outcome in this situation,” said McGregor.

Shortly after Torres posted the video on his blog, and its contents became known at a local school, local police were alerted.

In the wake of the incident, David Chrouch, owner of Skydive Taft, reportedly fired Torres, but has not taken similar action with respect to Howell.

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