A French-Canadian porn star took his career to new heights when he videotaped himself having sex while skydiving with the receptionist of the skydiving company where he moonlighted as a part-time instructor.

Alex Torres -- aka Voodoo -- has since been fired from Skydive Taft, but no termination decision has been made about fellow Mile High Club member Hope Howell.

The award-winning pornographic actor (who was born Alexandre Boisvert) was apparently trying to get the attention of Howard Stern. He definitely got attention -- Alex Torres is a Hot Topic on Alexa.com as of Friday.

YouTube has removed the viral video, but a CNN news report shows censored stills of the airborne sex stunt:

The FAA is investigating the incident to determine if the pilot of the skydiving plane violated safety regulations, as the couple began copulating while inside the aircraft.

FAA spokesman Ian Gregory told The Sacramento Bee that activity potentially distracting to a pilot could be a violation of federal regulations.

Skydive Taft owner David Chrouch told MSNBC that he wasn't concerned about a potential safety breach.

He [the pilot] was in complete control of the plane at all times, said Chrouch. I mean, he looked back a couple of times. The same thing he does if there are other skydivers in the plane. He is going to look back, he's going to look around to see what everyone is doing.

According to Alexandre Boisvert's Wikipedia page, he is married to fellow porn star Nicole Sheridan. He's also reportedly the winner of two Adult Video News (AVN) awards, for Best Oral Sex Scene (2005) and Best Anal Sex Scene (2002).

Howard Stern hasn't yet publicly commented on the attention-seeking stunt.

Update: Alex Torres, Hope Howell Skydiving Video Grabs Howard Stern's Attention [VIDEO]