British model Alexa Chung suffered a rather embarrassing wardrobe malfunction while riding her bike in the streets of New York City.

The English Rose looked absolutely adorable in a floral onesie with her wispy brunette locks flying in the open wind, but it was a completely different story when she reached her destination. When she bent down to secure the lock on her bike, she revealed her tush along with her white undies -- which we think were of the granny variety.

We bet you Chung wishes she had donned one of those lacy Victoria Secret numbers instead.

In an interview with Stylist U.K, the willowy model claimed her "denim shorts," which she "wears almost daily" as her favorite clothing items. Guess it was laundry day.  

But don't be too sad, Alexa, at least you have your very own Mulberry bag named in your honor, ('The Alexa' is the line's bestseller.) How many ladies who have suffered similar wardrobe malfunctions can say that?

Her boyfriend, Alex Turner, the frontman of Arctic Monkeys, absolutely hates when people write horrible things online about his honey. "He's really good at just leveling me out and saying, 'You do realize just how ridiculous that is?' And then I go, 'Yeah, good point.'" She told the Guardian.

Add that to the list of yet another thing Chung has going for her.