Details of British fashion designer Alexander McQueen's will were released on Tuesday, with the majority of his multimillion-dollar fortune going to charity.

Approximately $80,000 USD will go to his three dogs, Minter, Juice and Callum, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The money is to be used "for the upkeep and maintenance of my dog or dogs so long as my dog or dogs shall live," as noted in the will, which was made available by Britain's Press Association news agency.

Meanwhile, the Sarabande charity, London Buddhist Centre and animal organizations including Battersea Dogs and The Blue Cross animal welfare group received generous portions of the late fashion designer's $26 million USD estate, as did McQueen's alma mater, Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design.

His family and housekeepers were also named in his will, with his siblings receiving more than $400,000 USD each.

McQueen, famous for his extravagant runway shows and his controversial signature "bumster trousers," suffered from depression and committed suicide in February 2010, leaving behind an empire that has continued to flourish. Earlier this year, creative director Sarah Burton received much praise for designing Kate Middleton's wedding dress.