He put a ring on it, then he blew it off.

This month, a federal prison guard was "trying to get rid of his wedding ring" and decided to "shoot it off" while arguing with his wife at their home in Bradford, Pa., the Associated Press reported.

On March 2, police were called to the home of Alfredo Malespini III, 31, who succeeded in injuring his finger but failed in removing the ring, according to the news cooperative. Malespini has since been charged with with recklessly endangering another person, disorderly conduct, and firing a weapon inside city limits, the Bradford Era reported.

Bradford police said Malespini "had been drinking quite heavily” and that he and his wife “had been arguing throughout the day about an affair he had had several months ago," Bradford police Lt. Steve Caskey told AP.

Malespini fired his gun on his back porch. No one else was hurt, according to AP.

On what appears to be Malespini’s Facebook page (unavailable at the time of this article's publication), he is listed as a former Marine who graduated from the Federal Law Enforcement Academy in 2005 and has a young son, Chase.

Caskey told AP that authorities had been previously called to the Malespini residence because of domestic disputes, but neither call resulted in an arrest.

Malespini is scheduled to be arraigned on March 26.