A 15-year old British girl with terminal Hodgkin's Lymphoma is trending on Twitter on Thursday morning, three days after she published a blog with a list of dying wishes.

One of those wishes is to encourage people to sign up to become a bone marrow donor, an issue her Member of Parliament, John Woodcock, raised during the Prime Minister's questions on Monday. Since then, thousands have been re-tweeting Alice's bucket list wish (#alicebucketlist), which got a bit lost in translation: The wish was not simply to trend on twitter, but to broadcast an appeal for people to register as a donor.

On her blog, Alice Pyne is candid about her circumstances:

I've been fighting cancer for almost 4 years and now I know that the cancer is gaining on me and it doesn't look like I'm going to win this one :(.

'Alice's Bucket List' was originally intended only for friends and family:

Most of you know that my scan at Alder Hey wasn't very good and that the cancer is now spreading through my body. It's a pain because there's so much stuff that I still want to do.

There are about 15 items on the bucket list, with the top item being to make everyone sign up to be a bone marrow donor. Alice kept some items on the list - such as traveling to Kenya - that she will not likely be able to fulfill:

Some of the things are just not going to happen because I can't even leave the country now (I'm too much of a risk), but they're on there, because they were on my 'to do' list at some point.

Since her story has become popular, many have come forward asking for ways to donate money. She expressed her gratitude in her blog but declined the offers, saying I didn't mean for this to be such a big thing...I really don't want any money giving and we've actually been offered so many wonderful experiences that I've definitely got a lot of exciting days ahead. One of those experiences is going to concert of the band Take That this weekend, as one of her bucket list wishes was to meet them.

I'm excited about the things I am going to be doing, but the biggest thing has to be all the people who are joining bone marrow donation schemes because of me, Alice wrote in a blog post titled 'Oh dear!'. I will take a camera with me wherever I go and I'll post photos of everything I do.  In return, you can keep asking everyone you bump into to join the bone marrow donation schemes in your country.

To register to become a bone marrow donor in the United States, visit www.marrow.org/JOIN or http://www.bonemarrow.org/help/become_a_donor.html .