A deranged 76-year-old man shot and killed his ex-wife on a Brooklyn street, than rode away on an undersized girl's bike. Video surveillance shows the suspect struggling to gain control of the bicycle just before the cold-blooded murder.

Dimitry Kamenev, 76, has been arrested Tuesday on charges of murder and criminal use of a firearm according to NBC New York. His ex-wife, Alla Kamenev, 65, was killed on Thursday.

Alla was gunned down one day after going to two courthouses seeking an order of protection, according to the New York Post. She had been given the run-around by a Brooklyn Criminal Court and a Brooklyn Family Court who both sent her to each other late in the day. Alla, exhausted by the inefficiencies of bureaucracy, gave up on seeking legal help. Unfortunately, she paid the price.

Dimitri has two prior arrests according to the Post. One is from a 1998 felony assault charge and the other is in a 1991 shooting.