The alleged rape victim of Florida State University quarterback Jameis Winston is not pictured in a nightclub photo that has gone viral on the Internet, despite rumors to the contrary.

In the photo, Winston dances with an unidentified blond woman at a Tallahassee, Fla., nightclub. TMZ obtained a copy of the photo, which can be viewed here. However, the website has confirmed that the woman is not Winston’s accuser.

According to TMZ, the accuser’s lawyer confirmed that both she and Winston’s alleged rape victim had seen the photo, and could definitively state that she is not present in the picture. The lawyer reportedly said that the blond woman “is definitely not her.”

Furthermore, sources close to Winston’s accuser claim she had never met the Heisman Trophy candidate until Dec. 7, 2012, the night that the alleged sexual assault took place, TMZ reports. Meanwhile, neither Winston nor his representatives have released a comment on the photo.

The report regarding the alleged Winston accuser photo came out just hours after TMZ confirmed that the unnamed woman has left Florida State University. According to the website, the woman had attended classes as recently as last week.

On Wednesday, a report from a Florida crime lab revealed that a DNA sample that Winston had provided to authorities matched a DNA sample taken from the victim’s underwear shortly after the alleged sexual assault took place, ESPN reported. While the report does not provide definitive proof that Winston raped the woman, it does confirm that some sort of sexual encounter, consensual or otherwise, took place. The odds that the DNA sample taken from the victim’s underwear matches someone else are reportedly 1 in 2.2 trillion.

Shortly after Winston’s DNA test results were released, the college football star’s attorney held a press conference, TMZ reports. The attorney confirmed that Winston and his accuser had engaged in a sexual encounter, but he stated that it was consensual.