Motorola, acquired by Lenovo, has not launched a single device so far in 2016. However, it was recently revealed that successors to Moto X, Moto G and Moto E are in the works. In the meantime, a credible tipster has apparently got a live photo of the "Moto X 2016," also known as "Moto X3."

The leaked image, sourced by HelloMotoHK, shows the front of the Moto X 2016, giving out key design details. The alleged photo looks like it was captured while in transit either on a bus, train or during a subway ride.

Going by the leaked photo, the top left corner of the Moto X 2016 shows the usually unfavorable Moto batwing logo. In addition, there is a button located at the lower-end of the display and it looks like a fingerprint scanner. It is worth noting that, so far, Motorola devices have always featured the fingerprint scanner embedded at the back of the handset.

Perhaps, with Moto X 2016, Motorola made this design change to compete with Samsung Galaxy S7 series, which has the scanner housed in the home button. The other possibility is that this device could be a prototype model of Motorola, GSM Arena reported.

Upon carefully observing the image, it’s fairly clear that the charging port housed in the device is a USB Type-C connector. To top it off, a white dot can be seen on the upper right corner of the phone. This is believed to be the front-facing flash, similar to the Moto X Pure smartphone.

As far as the Moto X 2016 specifications go, past reports suggested that the handset will carry a 5.0-inch display and it will be a single SIM GSM device.

On a related note, Motorola released a slew of hilarious ads specific to Moto X Pure showing the stand-out features of the device, hinting at the possible arrival of Moto X 2016.