The "Silent Hills"-inspired first-person horror game “Allison Road” is now back in development after it was cancelled this past June. Christian Kesler, the creator of the game, has confirmed that he will continue woking on the game alone, but this time under a new label, Far From Home.

“I’m actually really happy to be able to announce that [Allison Road] will continue,” Kesler told IGN. “We had a lot of support online and some folks out there are just incredibly nice.”

“Allison Road” first popped up last year when Kesler uploaded a video of its pre-alpha gameplay. It featured photorealistic graphics that’s set entirely inside a suburban home. The demo features a woman covered in blood haunting the protagonist.

The game was then hailed as a spiritual successor to “P.T,” the playable teaser to “Silent Hills” which was supposed to star Norman Reedus and to be directed by Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Torro. Kojima and Reedus are now working on a new game called “Death Stranding.”

Kesler put up a Kickstarter campaign, but that was shut down when he was able to partner with game publisher Team17 to move forward with the development of “Allison Road.” This past June, Kesler announced on the game’s Facebook page that the partnership was cancelled as well as the development of the game.

“After a long consideration between Team17 and ourselves, we have reached a mutual agreement to end our collaboration on publishing ‘Allison Road’ under Team17’s Games label,” Kesler wrote on the game's Facebook page. Kesler didn’t specify the reason on their split but cited that there’s “many layers of complexity” in developing and publishing the game.

After the game’s development was cancelled, Kesler admitted that he did “a bit of soul searching” to know what to do next.

“After the set back, I took a bit of a break from working on it and re-evaluated all the work that had been done so far — the whole journey, so to speak. I started making a few (in my opinion) necessary  changes to the story and the flow, little bits and pieces here and there, and before I knew it, it sort of naturally came back to life.”

Kesler is now working under  Far From Home, a new game label that he co-founded with his wife. He says that he will continue working on “Allison Road” on his own, but will seek support if needed in the future. The game has no release date yet.