“Metal Gear Solid 5” was released on Tuesday, and already players are finding a number of easter eggs throughout the game. This includes a birthday surprise and a radio report from horror game P.T.

The action-adventure game developed by Kojima Productions and published by Konami was much-anticipated after receiving high reviews from a multitude of publications. But it wasn’t without its share of drama during production and release -- with designer Hideo Kojima seemingly refusing to work with Konami again.

The internal feud didn’t stop Kojima from putting all his efforts into the game, and making sure that there were little surprises for fans throughout.

When players start a new game of “Metal Gear Solid 5” it asks them to input their birthday -- and then proceeds to welcome them with a special scene (and song) on the day. Watch the video below if you would like to see the scene and if you have Quiet on your team you will get an extra scene after that one.

Another easter egg that has been found in the two days since “Metal Gear Solid 5” was released links back to Konami’s first-person survival horror game P.T., which was released in August last year.

At the Angola-Zaire border region, near the Ngumba Industrial Zone, there is a shack with a cassette player in it. When activated it plays the radio news report that loops in P.T., this time without the distortion, and it is very chilling.

 The ghost from P.T. is also available in the game as an active decoy, so chances are there are more P.T. easter eggs hidden throughout the game.