Alyssa Milano can’t help but cry as she talked about Danny Pintauro’s HIV-Positive revelation.

The “Charmed” actress was in tears while discussing Pintauro’s recently revealed secret during an appearance at Wednesday’s The Talk, Entertainment Tonight reported. Milano shared how she hated that it took her “Who’s the Boss” co-star such a long time to feel comfortable and express himself. 

"I guarantee you he will change so many lives… I'm so grateful that this disease is now being discussed again because it feels like there was such a long time that it wasn't, and he is a beacon of light, and he will be,” the actress continued. “I'm proud."

Pintauro, who played the part of Jonathan Bower in the hit 1980’s show “Who’s the Boss,” told Oprah Winfrey how he has been harboring his HIV positive secret for the past 12 years.  However, only two of his “Who’s the Boss” co-stars knew about his disease, namely Judith Light, who played his mother Angela Bower, as well as Tony Danza.

Milano admitted at The Talk that she had no knowledge of Pintauro’s medical condition since they lost touch over the years.

"I didn’t talk for many years after the show was over because when the show ended it was a different time," she explained. "We didn’t have cell phones or Facebook… No texting or anything, so I lost contact with him for a long time. This was the first that I have heard of it."

Meanwhile, Pintauro recently sat down with E!News to talk about his health and his thoughts about his colleagues reaction over the news, including Milano’s. The former child star shared that Milano gave him a call Wednesday morning and left a “lovely message.”

"Alyssa called me this morning, and it was really early in the morning, so I didn't answer the call. But the message was so lovely and I can't wait to call her this afternoon and have a great chat with her and make sure she's OK," Pintauro said.

Pintauro first broke the news about him being HIV-Positive during Oprah Winfrey's “Where Are They Now?” shown over the weekend.