Amanda Bynes’ transportation troubles apparently aren’t limited to motor vehicles. The former Nickolodeon star, whose license was suspended after she was involved in two hit and runs and a DUI, was kicked off of a private flight in New Jersey this weekend because she didn’t have a valid ID.

According to TMZ, the troubled starlet, who “retired” from acting in 2010 and claims to now be focused exclusively on fashion, was reportedly set to board a flight to Los Angeles from Teterboro Airport in Bergen County, N.J., when an airport representative demanded identification. When Bynes pulled out her driver’s license, the pilot informed her that because it was suspended she would need an additional form of ID to comply with TSA regulations.

That’s when Bynes reportedly told the pilot “I’m Amanda Bynes!” and suggested he Google her for proof. Although the pilot called a representative for the airline to see if they could make an exception for Bynes, she was not granted permission to board the plane.

Bynes has increasingly come under scrutiny for her bizarre behavior over the past few years, which, in addition to her driving offenses, has included reportedly locking herself in an L.A. dressing room for hours, announcing to Twitter that she hoped Drake would “murder” her vagina, posting topless photos online, engaging in erratic behavior at her gym and, most recently, shaving the side of her head. Despite her frequent appearances in the tabloids, Bynes denies that she is using drugs or suffering from mental illness, and has criticized magazines for deliberately making her look bad.

In her most recent Twitter rant, Bynes lashed out at InTouch for allegedly Photoshopping pictures of her. “They morphed photos of my face onto someone's body to ruin my life! I have to make a big deal of this and sue because that's not me! I care about my appearance, so I have to defend myself!” Bynes tweeted on Thursday. “Just assume that I f---ed the boyfriend of the editor of intouch because they f---ing hate me!

A spokesman for the jet company reportedly declined to comment on the incident, citing privacy concerns.