Almost 200 sq miles of the Yellow Sea in China have been clogged by a massive invasion of a species of green algae called Enteromopha prolifera.

The species, although deemed non-poisonous, has raised severe concerns over the safety of the existing sea-life in the area. Besides this, due to the massive choking of the waters, there are is speculation that this might lead to a drop in tourism.

The Xinhua reported that the green "invasion" sucks oxygen from the water, thereby threatening marine life although the algae species is not poisonous.

The Yellow sea is rich in a number of aquatic lives like seaweed, cephalopods, crustaceans, shellfishes and clams among others. Although the cause of the algae bloom is not known, researchers speculate that it might be related to altered environmental conditions.

Check out the amazing visuals of the massive algae invasion: