Heroin has been found in the hotel room where Amazing Race producer Jeff Rice was found dead, reported ABC News. Autopsy results revealed that large concentrations of cocaine were found in Rice's body, resulting in an overdose.

The 39-year-old's body was found on the balcony of the Serena hotel in Uganda, with assistant Katheryne Fuller lying next to him unconscious. Fuller is currently hospitalized in critical condition, but may be forced to stay in the country until police determine whether or not she has committed drug offenses.

The bag of white powder that was found on the scene is a mixture of a component of heroin and some Tylenol and some caffeine, Dr. Stephen Cina, forensic pathology consultant, said to ABC. So that certainly suggests that at least in the bag there's a mixture of several substances present.

Speculations surrounded the circumstances of the overdose, with theories saying that the two documentary filmmakers were poisoned, or forced to ingest the drugs. But police have thrown out both of these possibilities.

There was no struggle, Uganda Police Force spokesman Asuman Mugenyi said to ABC News. These were two people in their room and there was not a single sign of a struggle. Not even a single bruise on Rice's body.

Fuller's father is with her in Uganda and hopes to take her back home to South Africa, but the Amazing Race assistant might not be allowed to go home soon.

Ms. Fuller is slowly recovering, and when she is recovered enough we will be able to talk to her and find out more about what happened, said Mugenyi. She is not able to speak. Although she is responding to the treatment, she is not yet available to explain what transpired.

Rice was found dead on Feb. 23, and is family is waiting for the body.

To my dear loving husband Jeff--tragically you left this world and only time will heal the void that you leave behind. Rest in peace my darling, his wife posted to her Facebook page that same day.