The Amazing Spider-Man trailer released by Sony Pictures has given audiences a taste of what's to come for the web slinging comic book hero reboot.  Director Marc Webb has appeared to have given the new Spider-Man film a more serious mood seen in the teaser as compared to previous director Sam Raimi's rendition.  The campy styled version has transformed into a darker drama, perhaps following the footsteps of the Batman trilogy leading to Christopher Nolan's reboot of the Dark Knight. 

In Spider-Man trailer, presents a darker serious tone matched by a new grittier and mute colored Spidey costume .  One can see this transformation  in the previous Batman films as well with Burton and Nolan.  The Dark Knight strayed from the corny characters and mixed drama with action to produce one of the greatest superhero films of all time.  The Dark Knight Rises is also expected to follow this trend as seen in its intensely dark lit teaser trailer. 

Spider-Man director Marc Webb may be taking some pages out of Nolan's playbook with the latest rendition but does it fit  and stay true with the comic book character's tone?  It may still be too early to tell if The Amazing Spider-Man reboot will carry the same dark mood as The Dark Knight Rises, but fans can expect to see something different from past Spider-Man films.

Watch the new Spider-Man trailer below: