Amazon's Kindle Fire or RIM's Blackberry Playbook?

Undoubtedly both the tablets are well-designed with lot of apps. They are 7-inch in size and have the multi-touch display. Both have dual core processors. And users of both tablets can access loads of content too.

Kindle Fire runs on Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS that is a customized OS.   It has got an ultra Web browsing feature which is known as Amazon Silk that enhances the speed and the power. If not the memory, it gives a huge storage for all the Amazon digital content that is free of cost.

Kindle Fire is very light. For all the apps savvy people, it is one of the best tablets that provide various popular apps and games.

Blackberry Playbook runs on the QNX-based Blackberry tablet OS. One can make the best use of it by just a swipe, touch away or slide.

It is has a powerful office suite - Microsoft Word, Excel and  PowerPoint files.

Blackberry Playbook is highly secure and reliable to use as it includes the QNX technology that will keep the data safe. There is provision for multitasking that enables one to download music while reading a book.

The table below gives a comparison of features of both tables:

Amazon Kindle Fire vs Blackberry Playbook