Considering how well it sold and how many fans it currently has, it’s ultimately no surprise that there will be an “Evolve Ultimate Edition” coming out next month. The multiplayer-centric shooter had a squad of players taking on a monster, which could also be controlled by another player. This made for some very intriguing multiplayer mayhem.

The “Evolve Ultimate Edition” was revealed through Amazon, which is currently taking pre-orders for the game that will cost $59.99 on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. There is currently no description on the game’s content, and what will appear in the game, though the popular guess is all the game’s previously released downloadable content (DLC).

It’s interesting to see a game getting an “Ultimate Edition” this quickly, as the title was only released in February. Even more impressive is the fact that the game is a fairly new IP, though 2K Games and Take-Two Interactive heavily marketed the title as something special.

This tactic worked, however, as the game sold more than 2.5 Million units, IGN reported. The game’s success not only showed that it was a hit, but Take-Two also announced that “Evolve” would be a permanent IP for the company.

Similar to shooters like “Destiny,” there is a single-player mode, but the multiplayer mode is where the real meat of the game is. The developers of the game realized this fairly quickly and released an arena mode a few months after it was released.

Originally, fans had to purchase the “Evolve” season pass to gain access to all of the game’s DLC, but much like other “Game of the Year’ compilations, this version of the game will probably have all of the DLC at no extra cost. Most of the game’s DLC included new weapons to use, new monsters to play with and new areas.

“Evolve Ultimate Edition” will be available next month on Nov. 3 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The original version of “Evolve” is available now in most major retail outlets, so fans who aren’t interested in the games DLC can already pick up that version.

Evolve - Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/GameSpot)