Amazon will release a tablet computer running on the Android operating system along with two updated Kindle devices by October.

Spokesmen for Amazon have not confirmed this release but, according to the Wall Street Journal, sources familiar with the matter have spread word and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has alluded to a tablet coming in the past.

In close competition with Apple's iPad and Samsung's Galaxy tab, the new tablet will function similar to other tablet devices, allowing users to access ebooks, video and music through Amazon's marketplace. However, it will not have a camera, according to sources.

The unnamed tablet will feature a nine-inch screen and run on Android operating system through Google. It will not be designed by Amazon but rather an anonymous Asian manufacturer.

Amazon Inc. will also introduce two updated versions of the Kindle subsequently during the release of the tablet later this year. One update will be an entirely new model with a full touch screen.

Amazon lowered the price of its current 3G accessible Kindle model from $164 to $139 in an effort to boost sales. The second new version Kindle to be released this year will be cheaper than the current model.

A price and name for the Amazon tablet release has not been confirmed.