The Amber Cole saga continues and the girl at the center of the controversy is speaking out.

Two teens who were involved in the video have been arrested. The video in question shows Cole performing oral sex on an ex-boyfriend while on school grounds in the midst of other students.

Since Cole is underage, the sharing of the video could be determined as a criminal act.

Jezebel's Christelyn Karazin writes, Potentially millions of people committed a felony when they so cavalierly passed links all over the internet of 14-year-old Amber Cole allegedly performing oral sex on her boyfriend while two other boys recorded the event that took place outside of their high school... Well, I'm here to tell all the people who clucked, I hope you, in turn, get your comeuppance too, since several guardian angels have reported distributed links of this CHILD PORNOGRAPHY to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

The same could hold true for the boys responsible for filming Cole.

Cole, who is only 14-years-old, tweeted on her presumed official Twitter account that she has pressed charges against them. Yess you guys! [culprit] was just arrested earlier and is having charges being pressed against him and has a courtdate soon! She also made a comment referring to the amount of years one of the boys will serve in prison, but this is unsubstantiated.

The video of her went viral and Cole has faced a frenetic whirl of hateful comments.

She took to Twitter to voice her grievances, tweeting: Please help me get #TeamAmberCole trending to raise awareness of cyber bullying. And how unfair and mean it is. Cyber bullying must STOP and today shuld be the last day anyone is bullied!

There were also rumors that Cole had committed suicide.


Some individuals have come out in support of Cole, saying that she is just a kid.

Jordanmariebaby posted a video response on YouTube addressing the Cole situation. The video has gone viral.

Alexander Dill of the Examiner writes, What Amber Cole consented to was a desperate act she thought would win back her ex-boyfriend, who also happened to be her first love. This was an emotionally starved, emotionally lost young lady whose self-esteem had been so severely damaged that she thought this was the only way for her to win back someone she loved. Don't you see the tragedy in that?

Dill says that the real problem is not what Cole did but rather the fact that social networking promotes the spread of sensitive digital content, regardless of whether the individual filmed gave consent or not.

But others think that what Cole has done is exemplary of a much larger problem.  

Why would anyone deem this acceptable behavior? While no one wants to further disparage Amber's name, it's worth mentioning if only to make clear that this is not what we want for our daughters, writes Tracy Scott of S2S magazine.

The girl has had to change schools after the traumatizing incident.

On Oct. 20 Cole tweeted in thee main office at my new school about to get a ghost student to show me around. iguess this goin be fun.