Social networking sites, which thrive on voyeuristic tendencies of people and are always on a lookout for new and undefended stories, have got just that with Amber Cole's video. Cole -- the 14-year-old schoolgirl videotaped performing oral sex on her classmate, which attracted massive number of views on the internet -- is being viewed as a messed up representative of what is right and what is wrong about the current generation's attitude towards teenage sex and intimacy.

Online forums including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Blogging sites are abuzz with heated discussions on whether the teenager should be held responsible and victimized for what was clearly a criminal activity by her classmates.

This is a micro-copy of America's attitude towards sex, sexuality and roles, a blog comment read. Bottom line all of it is disgusting and wrong regardless of religious belief, premarital jazz talk, everyone should be concerned about health and sex education or more importantly lack thereof.

Everyone needs to check their damn self. Not just 'poor girl,' Poor all of us, Poor America. This is a reflection of ourselves and we're ugly.

However, a section of online community still maintains that the teenage girl should have had better judgment while doing such a thing in her school premises, regardless of whether she was aware or unaware of being videotaped.

Many bloggers point toward the hypocritical attitude of the society where reality stars like Kim Kardashian -- who shot to fame after the leak of a sex tape with her former boyfriend Ray J -- rake in money enjoying their full-fledged celebrity status.

To pay Kim and give her praise when all she did was f*** Ray J, then slander a child who made a complete mistake and didn't know she was being filmed portrayed the completely corrupt society that we live in, a blog comment reads.

Meanwhile many video responses are also being uploaded on YouTube supporting or parodying Cole's cause. The first such video, Leave Amber Cole Alone, has gone viral and is already nearing a massive view count of 1 million within two days of uploading.

Leave Amber Cole Alone Video:

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