Even if you are not the kind of person who regularly follows the news, you probably have heard of the sensational Amber Cole video, which has gone viral on the Internet.

A 14-year-old American schoolgirl has become the subject of worldwide interest for no reason, except for a video that shows her performing oral sex on one of her classmates. The video was posted on YouTube by her jealous classmates and is now making the rounds on a number of social networking portals..

Photo: Twitter. Amber Cole video viral on web. Tweets

While her true identity is still unknown, the Internet has been flooded with gibberish responses; some have called her a slut, little ho and similarly derogatory names and others have posted fake videos, with as many as 800,000 people viewing them for their daily dose of entertainment.

Call it cyberbullying, social teasing or sharing child pornography; it is apparently encouraging other juveniles to commit similar acts, either to defame someone or to gain popularity.

The question here is: Why do these inane clips become trending news items overnight, when we have countless porn sites for people to satisfy their fantasies. Do people expect to see something strange or out of the ordinary?

The Leave Amber Alone video has crossed 800,000 views and is, apparently, the most-shared video on social networking sites, all in a single day. It is depressing to see that despite having countless laws, there are no provisions to put a check on such social harassment.

The sole purpose of the people behind such videos would seem to be to make miserable the lives of the people they tape. The scandal probably has left the little girl in the video so traumatized from harassment worldwide that she may take her entire life getting over it.

The Amber Cole video drew widespread reactions from social platforms; Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are flooded with unflattering responses. Some have made video parodies, some have posted videos asking for Cole to be left alone and others have circulated stories adding to an already sensationalized issue.

The highly depressing (exciting for some) rumor viral on the Internet says: Amber is pleasuring in the video, the boy was her first love and she lost her virginity to him. Apparently, the boy broke her heart, and she was trying hard to win him back.

The naïve teenager was humiliated as soon as the video hit the Internet and scrutinized to an extent that new rumors allege -- without evidence -- that Amber has committed suicide.

If Cole does indeed commit suicide, it must certainly go down as a black day and a mark against those people who have shared the clip and indulged in social bullying.

Check out www.leaveambercolealone.com and Stop Social Bullying.

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