Amber Portwood has been sober for three long years and she’s not letting anyone take that away from her. The "Teen Mom" star, her daughter Leah and her baby daddy Gary Shirley recently returned to MTV for the reality show's reboot, “Teen Mom OG.” Amber has been very vocal about her sobriety on the show, being careful to avoid situations that could trigger a relapse.

In spite of this, viewers have taken to Twitter to discredit her accomplishments. One Twitter user shared a link to a blog post suggesting she was “a few missteps” from “relapse or a loss of control.” She quickly fired back, saying she had made the choice to get sober and had no plans to look back.

“It’s a choice to stay clean..mixed with willpower and life lessons..heres the publicity you not hate @Kreplaw @ItsGaryTime,” she tweeted. “3 years sober no relapse in sight by choice...Learn more about the people you speak of..everyone is different in their sobriety.”

The 23-year-old reality star was arrested in December 2011 for possession of prescription pills. Due to other criminal offenses on her record, she was ordered to complete a rehab program or do time. Portwood opted for rehab where she eventually attempted suicide. It was then that she was sent to jail and served 17 months of a five-year sentence in 2012.

In 2013 Portwood admitted to Phil McGraw, who hosts the “Dr. Phil” show, she had been high during filming for the hit reality show. She has since changed her ways and continues to surround herself with positive influences like fiancé Matt Baier, who was also once an addict, Us Weekly said. The couple met on Twitter and are now engaged. Amber introduced Matt to "Teen Mom" fans during Monday’s episode.

“Teen Mom OG” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on MTV.