Amber Rose just had a baby shower three days ago, and had a second one on Wednesday.

The former vixen, who is engaged to rapper Wiz Khalifa, showed off the photos of her celebrating her pregnancy on Instagram. 

Wearing a tight multi-colored dress with roses along with an overly decorated white and blue hat, Rose looked ecstatic as she awaits the birth of her son.

Rose, who is eight months pregnant, tweeted about the difficulties of a growing baby bump. “I guess u just don't sleep in ur 8th month of pregnancy I can't get comfortable cuz my belly Is to big now I'm Up watching ID :-),” she wrote on Thursday.

On Sunday, Rose had her first baby shower, and wore a colorful neon dress by designer Jeremy Scott. The shower was attended by close friends, including singer Christina Milian, models Jasmine Sanders, Toccarra Jones, as well as Khalifa. 

“We had a good ol down home baby shower today,” Amber tweeted after the special event. 

“No Papz, No booshiness just Fun, Friends, Family, Food & Good times #DownHomePhillyGirl :-).”

Rose and Khalifa publicly announced Rose’s pregnancy when Khalifa told MTV's Sway Calloway on the red carpet at the 2012 VMA Awards:  "We're expecting a beautiful lil baby -- me and Amber. We're so excited. We're having a baby!"