Amber Rose had her own Marilyn Monroe moment at the 2013 BET Awards Sunday night in Los Angeles, when her dress blew up from a gust of wind. Wearing a black and yellow Versace dress and black pumps, Rose walked the red carpet with fiancé Wiz Khalifa. While posing for pictures, a gust of wind caused the model’s dress to blow up and and reveal her derriere. She hurriedly fixed the malfunction, but the cameras had already caught the bare facts.

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The resulting look was reminiscent of Monroe’s famous scene in the 1955 film “The Seven-Year Itch” in which she wears a white halter dress while standing above a subway grate, where a blast of air comes up and makes the dress fly up.

Rose otherwise looked great, just four months after giving birth to her son, Sebastian. She has already lost 30 pounds but admits it's a challenge.

“It's hard to get off baby weight. It's a different kind of weight because for nine months you stretch your stomach out, and then it's hard to get that back. I'm working on it,” she told E! News.

Meanwhile, noticeably absent were Rose’s arm tattoos. In April, the 29-year-old got three large tattoos: one of her two dogs, one of her mother’s face, and lastly one of Wiz Khalifa’s face. The ink was covered with makeup and not visible at the BET awards. It is unclear whether she is having second thoughts about the designs or just did not want them to clash with her outfit.