AMD has launched G-Series, its latest addition to the Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) family, Betanews has reported.

AMD has said its Fusion APU helps developers unleash their imaginations and access new revenue opportunities by creating futuristic, visually rich applications with no-compromise performance even on the small form factor devices users want.

The G-Series, which is designed for use in embedded environments, is expected to eventually replace AMD's long-running Geode line of embedded processors, the report said. The company is angling for a 350 percent growth for G-Series in embedded computing by 2015.

... the G-Series incorporates an x86 CPU with a DirectX 11 capable GPU and an integrated DDR3 memory controller all on the same die, it says. AMD's embedded processors cater to markets like POS and kiosk systems, digital signage, game machines, medical imaging, industrial controls and the like.

Those markets used to be served by AMD's Geode line, but AMD ceased development on Geode back in 2006 and plans to sunset the chips by 2015. But as Geode fades away, AMD expects the G-Series to witness a 350% growth in 64-bit embedded computing in the next five years, the Betanews report says.