Things are simultaneously getting better and worse for women’s reproductive rights and access to reproductive health care in the United States, according to a new report from the Population Institute.

At the federal level, Obamacare is expanding insurance coverage for reproductive health services. However, some states have ramped up abortion restrictions and are limiting access to family planning clinics suh as Planned Parenthood by cutting funding.

So, overall, the United States got the same abysmally low grade of C- in 2013 from the Population Institute that it received in 2012.

Only California, Washington, Maryland and Oregon received an A or A+ grade in reproductive health care and rights in the U.S. this year. However, 13 states received a grade of F or F-.

The state with the lowest score on the Population Institute index was Mississippi, followed by South Dakota and Kansas.

Here’s an interactive map of all the states, color-coded by the grade they received on the index. Click on any state for more info: