“American Horror Story: Asylum” had one of its craziest episodes on Wednesday night, but now, after a new spoiler was released on Twitter, the show appears set for even more violent and psychological twists.

First-season star Dylan McDermott announced he would be return to the show in early November, but his newest Tweet reveal could possibly be the most tantalizing “AHS” spoiler yet.

Not only will McDermott make his triumphant return to the gruesome FX show, but he will portray the modern day Bloody Face.

That’s right -- move over Zachary Quinto, because there’s a new deranged murderer in town.

“American Horror Story” producers took to the show's Twitter account to shared McDermott’s tweet:

“Are you ready for Dylan's return? RT @DylanMcDermott I AM THE MODERN DAY BLOODY FACE! say.ly/NPN4G2d#AmericanHorrorStory #AHS

Fans quickly shared the exciting news, re-tweeting the post nearly 250 times.

The last few episodes of the second season have gotten away from the modern day killings in the asylum, but McDermott’s reveal brings viewers right back to the present-day gore of the show.

That must mean he’s the one who called the cops to let them know there were dead bodies in the asylum.

While that scenario answers a few questions from past episodes, it could also be a major hint as to what’s to come for the rest of the season and the characters on the show.

Could the modern-day Bloody Face be Dr. Thredson and Lana’s son?

It would certainly be depraved and disturbing, but that’s what most people tune in to “American Horror Story: Asylum” to see.

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