Can things get any weirder on “American Horror Story: Hotel”? You betcha! More pieces to The Countess’ (Lady Gaga) past will be revealed in episode 7 of the FX anthology series as the bodies continue to pile up at Hotel Cortez.

According to the synopsis for episode 7, titled “Flicker,” Will Drake (Cheyenne Jackson) will uncover a “great secret” during renovations on the hotel. Based on the promo video it looks as if the construction crew will discover a hidden hallway that hasn’t seen the light of day for years – if not ever. But just because it’s been unknown, doesn’t mean it’s empty. A crazed looking man attacks one of the workers.

Meanwhile, John (Wes Bentley) will continue to mentally unravel. He’ll finally met with a psychiatrist to go under an evaluation, but all he can think about is the Ten Commandments Killer.

“There’s a killer out there, murdering with impunity,” John warns the doc.

But just because he left Hotel Cortez, doesn’t mean that he’s done searching for the killer. The promo shows him talking to a little girl and asking that she take him to the killer.

Finally, “American Horror Story: Hotel” fans will continue to learn about The Countess’ past. The synopsis states that she’ll learn the “fate of her first love.” But what time period does that take place in? A scene in the trailer for episode 7 shows her at a church seemingly before she became immortal.

“Join us, little one,” a man says to her.

“Yes, forever,” she replies.

It’s not clear who turned her – or if that even is the moment when she contracted the ancient blood virus – but another clip shows her with James March (Evan Peters). Viewers who speculated that the two were married at one point appear to be right. In the video she walks into a room where James was engaging in a gruesome act with a guest.

“Next time I want to watch,” she tells him. And by the look on James’ face it appears as if he’s thrilled at that idea.

“American Horror Story: Hotel” episode 7 will air on FX on Wednesday, Nov. 18 at 10 p.m. EST.