The chilling drama in “American Horror Story: Coven” continues Wednesday with episode 7, “The Dead.” After last week’s explosive and revealing episode, fans of the FX hit mini-series are in for a treat because the haunting story isn't slowing down.

For those who missed episode 6, “The Axeman Cometh,” the girls discovered Madison’s decaying corpse in Spalding’s room and with the help of Misty were able to revive her. But what the witches don’t know is that they have a traitor living among them – Cordelia’s husband, Hank. Thanks to Cordelia’s new power, she was able to expose his affair with the mysterious redhead. After fleeing the house, Hank ran straight to Marie Laveau … who hired him to kill the Coven.

Meanwhile, the show welcomed its newest villain – the Axeman, a serial killer who terrorized New Orleans in 1919. With Zoe showing off her growing powers, the young witch accidentally freed the spirit of the Axeman … who then went to woo a depressed Fiona.

Episode 7 will expand off of the antics in “The Axeman Cometh,” and the photos from the episode tease some pretty frightening drama.

Freshly resurrected Madison and Kyle will bond over their deaths and revivals as they struggle to deal with their new lives. Queenie will begin to question her place in the Coven after spending some time with Madame LaLaurie and will “seek out the only other place she feels she might belong” – with Marie Laveau. Meanwhile, Fiona will begin a love affair with the dangerous Axeman (who has creepily been watching her in Miss Robichaux’s since she was a teen), and Cordelia will make a “fateful decision about her mother.” Zoe’s role in the Coven will grow as she helps Cordelia with the Fiona problem and goes on a “fact-finding mission that leaves her thirsting for vengeance.”

The latest episode of “American Horror Story: Coven” will air on FX on Wednesday at 10 p.m. EST. Check out the photos below from episode 7, “The Dead,” and let us know your thoughts in the comments section.