“American Horror Story” fans better watch out … because the white witch herself is coming! Stevie Nicks landed a guest spot on season 3, “Coven,” and now viewers can get a first look at her on the New Orleans set.

Co-creator Ryan Murphy took to Twitter on Tuesday to post an exciting first photo of Nicks, writing: “She’s here! Stevie Nicks on the set of Coven!”

For those who haven’t been following the latest season of the FX mini-series, Nicks has been a driving force in “Coven” thanks to Lily Rabe’s character, Misty Day. Misty, an outcast with the power or resurgence, is obsessed with her and finds comfort in her music.

Thanks to Entertainment Weekly we know that Stevie Nicks will be appearing as herself. But what kind of role will she be playing with the young witches at Miss Robichaux’s Academy?

Murphy told EW that Nicks will be appearing as “part of Fiona’s ruse.” The Supreme, who is desperate to stay healthy, young, and alive, will be using the singer as a way to get the new Supreme to expose herself. Believing that Misty Day could be the next in line to take her spot, Fiona tries to get Misty to reveal herself as the next Supreme by bringing Nicks in “as a gift.” The gift is meant to prove to Misty “that if she exhibits more power she’ll get that and more.”

It looks like Fiona’s manipulations will work, because “American Horror Story” fans will be treated to a Stevie Nicks-Misty Day duet. But the singalong doesn’t mean that happiness is on the horizon for the Coven. When the other girls return to the house they become jealous and start trying to prove to Fiona that they are the real Supreme … and as “Coven” viewers know, proving to be the Supreme can have a pretty deadly ending (just ask Madison).

Unfortunately “American Horror Story” fans will have to wait to see Nicks appear in “Coven.” The Fleetwood Mac singer is set to appear in episode 10, which will air when the FX show returns from its winter break.

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