Only three episodes of “American Horror Story: Coven” remain, and the FX miniseries is pulling out all the stops. Episode 11, “Protect The Coven,” found the inhabitants of Miss Robichaux’s resorting to grotesque and cruel behavior as tension from the next Supreme and witch hunters build.

Check out the six most disturbing and gruesome moments from episode 11:

How Madame LaLaurie Became A Psycho

“American Horror Story” has explored some of Madame LaLaurie’s cruel and grotesque crimes, but they never explained why she did it … until now. Episode 11 opened up with a flashback to New Orleans in 1830. Madame LaLaurie had moved to the city from Paris with her daughters and was NOT happy about it.

Struggling to find something to keep her busy in the Big Easy, her daughter suggested she take up crochet. But Madame LaLaurie found something better – blood. Forced to cut the head off a chicken because her kitchen help hadn’t arrived yet, LaLaurie discovered that she loved to watch the blood flow. Her curiosity and desire to shed more blood grew when she found one of the servants injured in her attic, bleeding from his leg after having luggage fall on him. Madame LaLaurie proceeded to knock him out and tied him up … using a knife to cut up his body.

Queenie And Madame LaLaurie Are Back In Action

Queenie may have been missing in action last week, but the human voodoo doll showed up at Nan’s funeral with Madame LaLaurie in tow … on a leash. Although she’s angry that everyone left her for dead, Queenie and LaLaurie head back to Miss Robichaux’s, where LaLaurie once again becomes a servant to the Coven. It's there that Queenie reveals that she survived a silver bullet to her head. 

And while LaLaurie was previously compliant, she begins getting bolder with her actions. What does that mean? Feeding the Coven s*** stew, tying up the African American gardener in Spalding’s attic … and cutting off his toes.

Cordelia’s Sacrifice

Devastated that she has failed the young girls, Cordelia decides that she must do the only thing she can to protect the Coven – regain her second sense. Crushing up some herbs to rub over her eyes, she initially seems to be performing a spell to gain the powers. But that’s not what happens at all. The herbs don’t even burn her eyes like acid … instead Cordelia takes a blade and as Myrtle so elegantly puts it: “stabbed her eyes out of her own skull.”

The Slaughter

With Hank gone (David cleaned up Hank’s mess by changing his identity to Jack Murphy, a homeless veteran with PTSD) and the Corporation losing money, Harrison and David decide that they must meet with Fiona and Marie in order to get the government off their backs.

And while they planned on letting the women walk out alive, Fiona and Marie had different plans. Harrison suggests a 100-year truce that neither of them will have to deal with in the future when it ends. But that’s not good enough for Fiona. Instead she insists on Harrison vowing to never harm another witch, “now until the end of time.”

Harrison and David refuse, and Fiona warns them that their only other option is to simply die. Cue the Axeman! Fiona’s twisted beau, who was hiding in plain sight as a bartender, whips out his axe and proceeds to slaughter the whole lot of men in the room. Harrison and David try to make an escape out of the room, but the Axeman pulls a gun off of one of his victims and shoots David dead.

With Hank’s dad the only man left standing, he calmly pours himself a cup of coffee and congratulates the two women on their victory. Asking what his last words will be, Harrison spits and says “go to hell witch b****.” The Axeman throws his weapon to Fiona and the Supreme swiftly uses the blade to slice open Harrison’s neck.

Spalding And Madame LaLaurie = The Dream Team

The spirit of Spalding returns to his attic to find Madame LaLaurie turning it into her new chamber of terrors. The former butler manages to convince LaLaurie that Marie must die and that there is a way to kill her – with Benadryl (but shh don’t say the name aloud).

Drugging Marie Laveau’s drink, Madame LaLaurie takes a knife and plunges it into a drunk Marie’s chest. Taunting Marie Laveau with the Benadryl, the Voodoo queen laughs. “It’s an antihistamine,” she tells LaLaurie as she pulls the knife out.

Chasing Madame LaLaurie down the hall, Marie’s taken by surprise when Spalding shows up to knock her out with one of his dolls. “I wanted her out of my hair,” he explains to Madame LaLaurie after revealing that Marie’s immortal and can’t be killed. “You were the most likely to cooperate.”

She asks what she should do with Marie, and Spalding tells her to bury her and make sure she can’t get out. And as Madame LaLaurie prepares to get rid of her enemy, Spalding finds himself with a “living doll” all his own … the baby that Marie was going to sacrifice to Papa Legba.

Zoe And Kyle’s Lives At Stake

Love triangles never work and Zoe, Madison and Kyle are just beginning to figure that out. When Kyle refuses to let Madison fool around with him and confesses his love for Zoe, Madison pulls a mega power temper tantrum.

Myrtle manages to stop things before they escalate (taking the time to call Madison a “bobble-head with crotchless panties”), but pulls Zoe aside and warns her that she needs to run away with Kyle or risk getting killed.

While Kyle initially refuses due to his fear of hurting Zoe, the witch manages to convince him to get on a bus with her. But “American Horror Story” viewers should remember the last time that Kyle got on a bus …

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