Who is the next Supreme on “American Horror Story: Coven”? Fans of the FX mini-series are dying to know, but the answer won’t be revealed until the season finale in episode 13. But that’s not stopping us from speculating!

The latest scoop on the anthology series is that there are some “big-life changing moments” ahead for Zoe and the rest of the witches at Miss Robichaux’s during the remaining three episodes. As fans of the series know, in order to become the next Supreme, a witch must complete the Seven Wonders, a dangerous ritual that proves a witch is able to master seven magical powers. And according to Zoe’s Taissa Farmiga, her character is about to gain some more “exciting” powers.

“Out of all the characters, especially in the last episodes you’re going to start seeing new powers come and go,” Farmiga dished to E! Online. “One thing that’s kind of cool is teleportation, being able to jump to another part in the room.”

So, does that mean Zoe is Fiona’s replacement as the next Supreme? “American Horror Story: Coven” began with Zoe, so it would make sense for them to also end with the teen. However, having Zoe become the Supreme seems too easy and predictable for a show that loves throwing twists and turns.

Currently, Zoe has the power to kill someone with sex, has been able to use her power to evict the Axeman’s spirit from Miss Robichaux’s and has helped Misty Day bring Madison back from the dead. Cordelia previously speculated that Zoe had enough power to overthrow Fiona, but all conversation about her becoming the next Supreme ended when Misty Day showed up with her power of resurgence.

Thanks to a leaked synopsis for episode 12, “Go to Hell,” we know that Zoe won’t be the only one to “manifest multiple new powers.” Queenie, who many believed to be dead after Hank’s shoot out in Cornrow City, is alive and well and gained a new power in addition to her human voodoo doll -- “the power to descend to Hell, and to return.”

As of episode 10, “The Magical Delights of Stevie Nicks,” the only confirmed living members of the Coven to replace Fiona are Madison and Zoe. Queenie has yet to return since using her voodoo power to kill Hank, Nan was murdered by Fiona and Marie Laveau, and Madison buried an unconscious Misty Day in a tomb.

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