Episode 12 of “American Horror Story” finally introduced fans to the Seven Wonders via an old-school tutorial video … and it was absolutely frightening.

So, what are the Seven Wonders? It’s a magical test so advanced that it turns the “craft into art” … and can also get a witch killed. The test consists of telekinesis, concilium, transmutation, divination, vitalum vitalis, descensum and pyrokinesis. With the trials for the Seven Wonders beginning Sunday at dawn, we’re breaking down the top nine disturbing moments of “American Horror Story: Coven,” episode 12, “Go to Hell”:

1.Cordelia’s Botched Eye Surgery

In episode 11, Cordelia sacrificed her eyesight in a particularly gruesome way in order to regain her visions. “Can’t believe you did that to yourself,” Madison told Cordelia when she got a peak at her new eyes. And it appears as if Cordelia can’t believe it herself either because when she touched Madison (after a nasty little game of transmutation) she saw no vision of the teen knocking Misty Day unconscious and locking her in a coffin.

2. Marie Laveau’s Fate

Last week, Madame LaLaurie managed to knock Marie Laveau unconscious and this week we found out what happened to her.

Queenie noticed that the Voodoo Queen was missing and followed her voice to the greenhouse where she discovered the table covered in blood. Using her magic, Queenie was able to see a vision of what happened to Marie Laveau -- she was tied up and chopped into pieces by Madame LaLaurie.

In order to help Marie Laveau, Queenie used her power to transcend to hell to meet with Papa Legba. In her personal hell (the Chubbies chicken store she used to work at), Queenie had to prove her power to Papa Legba and return to her body. After displaying her strength, Queenie was able to make a deal (over a cup of hot chocolate) to revoke Madame LaLaurie’s eternal life.

3.Madame LaLaurie’s New Life

After chopping Marie Laveau into bits, Madame LaLaurie decided it was time to clear her name. Going on a tour at her old home, Madame LaLaurie attacked her tour guide after accusing her of feeding inaccurate information to visitors. Cutting off her hair and dressing in a blazer, Madame LaLaurie started giving tours with her side of the story – that the real Madame Delphine LaLaurie was a “woman ahead of her time; a visionary; misunderstood and hated for it.

Queenie managed to hunt Madame LaLaurie down at her old home where she discovered the old tour guide locked up in a cage. Offering her a second chance, Madame LaLaurie refuses, telling Queenie that  she didn’t make a dent in changing her outlook on the world.

Realizing that Madame LaLaurie can’t be saved, Queenie stabs her and kills her thanks to her pact with Papa Legba.

4. Cordelia Gruesome Discovery

After being gifted a necklace by Fiona, Cordelia had a vision – but not her normal flashback. Instead Cordelia was able to see the future in which all the young witches were dead inside Miss Robichaux’s … including herself. The last scene of the vision showed Cordelia with a bullet in her head and Fiona standing over her … pulling off the necklace that she gifted her daughter with.

Asking Fiona for the matching ring, Cordelia was able to see another vision of the future – this one including the Axeman. Visiting her mother’s lover, she revealed to him what she saw: that Fiona was never going to run away with him. Instead the Supreme planned on murdering all the young witches and taking off on the next flight out of town.

5. Misty Day’s Revival

With her powers back in action, Cordelia managed to figure out that Misty Day was buried alive. Brining Queenie with her to the cemetery, the human voodoo doll managed to use some new powers to get Misty Day out of the wall and revive her.

But it’s what came next that was really magical – a physical fight between Madison and Misty Day that resulted in the swamp witch kicking “Hollywood’s” butt.

6.The Axeman’s Bold Move

The Axeman went head-to-head with the witches at Miss Robichaux’s in the past and failed. But he was so riled up after Cordelia’s visit that he decided to go for round two with the modern day witches.

“You will pay for what you’ve done,” he yelled as he charged at the girls.

But together the Coven of witches used their powers to push him away. “You walked into the wrong house,” Madison warns him. But the Axeman doesn’t care. “I’ll kill all of you,” he warns.

However the Axeman is already covered in blood … the blood of Fiona.

7. How Did Fiona Die?

A flashback shows that Fiona went to the Axeman’s home shortly after Cordelia paid him a visit. Initially telling the Supreme that her daughter came to rile him up, the Axeman proceeded to dig around Fiona’s purse where he found a boarding pass.

“I guess the cat is out of the bag, huh,” Fiona tells him without a care. “I don’t know what to tell you.”

Fiona continued to break the Axeman’s heart by telling him that their relationship was nothing more than a distraction and a life preserver. “I really don’t know anything about love if I’m going to be honest,” she continued. “But you are the sweetest of lovers. The best I ever had. And I’ll miss that.”

Taunting him with her plan of living another 30 years before another Supreme comes along, the Axeman completely snapped. Pulling her by her hair, he shouts at her that he loves her and that she committed the ultimate betrayal. When Fiona pushes him away and goes to pour herself a drink, the Axeman comes up behind her and takes his axe to her back … multiple times.

And that’s not all. To get rid of the body he dragged her to the swamp and fed her to the alligators.

8. How Did The Axeman Die?

The Axeman certainty wasn’t going to survive after that gruesome discovery. Despite Myrtle’s pleas to stop the bloodshed in the house, the girls all teamed up to kill him. Madison took the axe and swung it into his gut while Misty Day, Queenie and Zoe picked up knives and stabbed him repeatedly.

9. Madame LaLaurie (And Marie Laveau’s) Personal Hell

Queenie’s deal with Papa Legba ended the eternal lives of not only Madame LaLaurie, but Marie Laveau as well. The end of episode 12, “Go To Hell,” found the women in their own personal hells – right there in Madame LaLaurie’s infamous 1830’s attic.

For Madame LaLaurie she’s locked up in a cage right next to her daughters but not close enough to tough them. Consumed with regret about her actions, Madame LaLaurie must watch as Marie Laveau tortures not only her, but her children as well.

As for Marie Laveau? While she initially finds pleasure in the acts she quickly realizes where she is. Refusing to torture Madame LaLaurie’s children because they did nothing to her, Papa Legba appears and tells her that it’s her soul’s purpose because he owns it.

“No one gets away with sin,” he tells the women. “Eventually everybody pays. Everybody suffers.”

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