The blood was flowing during the midseason finale of “American Horror Story: Coven.” Find out who died and what was set up for the second half of the season when the FX series returns on Jan. 8

Hank’s Disturbing Childhood

A flashback to 1991 reveals that Hank didn’t have a normal upbringing. In the woods with his father for what looks like a hunting trip, “American Horror Story” viewers quickly learn that father and son are not hunting animals – they’re hunting witches.

Explaining to Hank that the family has been hunters for generations, he hands Hank a silver bullet and they head out to find their prey. But Hank’s first time isn’t easy. When a witch appears before the boy and begs for her life, Hank has trouble pulling the trigger. “Put her down,” his father warns him. But Hank can’t do it.

Seeing her moment to escape, the witch uses her power to send fire straight for Hank. Hank’s dad pushes him out of the way and shoots the witch in the head … but not before catching his arm on fire.

“No mercy,” he tells Hank as he puts out the fire on his arm. “Never forget what they are.”

Myrtle’s Forgiveness

Myrtle and Cordelia have a heart-to-heart about her conviction for Cordelia’s acid attack. Without touching the former Coven leader, Cordelia tells her mother-figure that she knew that she would never hurt her – despite Fiona’s accusation.

“If I could pluck my own eyes out of my head and give them to you I would,” Myrtle tells Cordelia. And she does … sort of.

Calling a meeting with her former Coven council members Pembroke and Quentin, Myrtle reveals that she’s alive and that she’s “forgiven” them. But Myrtle’s version of forgiveness is much different from what most consider it to be. Drugging the pair so that they are temporarily paralyzed, she explains that she invited the pair out to help the Coven … or more specifically her “beloved Cordelia.”

Taking a melon ball scooper, Myrtle removes one eye from each Pembroke and Quentin to give Cordelia back her eyesight. But she’s not done with them after that. Once Cordelia’s vision is restored, Myrtle decides to get rid of the two council members – by cutting up their bodies and dropping the pieces of limbs in acid.

The Witch Hunters

Fiona visits Marie Laveau to discuss an alliance regarding the witch hunter. But what Fiona doesn’t realize is that Marie Laveau has been working alongside Hank.

“Witch hunters is white women’s worry,” Marie tells her without a second thought.

“After they’re done with us they’re coming for you,” Fiona warns before leaving.

While “American Horror Story” viewers initially believed that it was Marie Laveau who hired Hank, we learn in episode 9 that Hank was sent to New Orleans on behalf of his father’s Atlanta based company, Delphine Trust (a coincidence? I think not) … and his dad is not happy that he aligned himself with Marie Laveau.

Turns out that Hank was strictly sent to Miss Robichaux’s to gather intelligence, not get his hands dirty. His marriage to Cordelia was all a sham so that way the brotherhood of witch hunters could have an inside man.

While the brotherhood still desires to “put down” the witches, they want to do it in a way that doesn’t end the life of others or attract attention – which was the opposite of Hank’s hotel room kill. Although Hank thought he was helping out, an innocent desk clerk and maid lost their lives because the brotherhood was forced to eliminate them to clear their name.

But Hank’s placement at Miss Robichaux’s isn’t the only thing they orchestrated – his dad authorized the acid attack on Cordelia.

Nan’s Gift

Despite Cordelia sending Zoe and Madison to bring Nan back to the Academy, Nan is insisting on staying at the hospital until she can see Luke. The only problem is that Luke’s mom, Joan, won’t let her in.

Together the three witches bust into the room and manage to convince Joan that Nan is clairvoyant and can talk to her unconscious son. The comfort of knowing her son is okay leads Joan to thank Nan, but her kindness towards the witch is short lived when Luke begins revealing dark secrets about his family.

“God’s judging you for what you did to his father,” Nan tells Joan. “God says [Luke’s] father’s death was no accident.”

A flashback reveals that Luke’s father wanted to leave Joan. But when he tried to tell her over the phone he was attacked by a bee in his car. While it looked innocent enough, Luke explains that God told him that Joan put the bee in the car. “You knew you’d get away with it,” Nan relays back to Joan.

“God says you are going to pay,” Nan says before Joan kicks her out.

Luke manages to wake from his coma shortly after and Joan is horrified when his first words are, “You murdered dad.”

“No, go back to sleep,” she sooths her son ... before smothering him with a pillow.

Hank’s Plan Of Attack

Hank begins to regret his alliance with Marie Laveau when she works her voodoo on him. Breaking his bones and cutting his flesh, Marie sends a warning that “they die tonight or the next needle I use will put a hole in your heart.”

Pulling himself together, Hank pays Cordelia a visit and begs for forgiveness. But Cordelia doesn’t believe he’s been living in hell. Instead she tells him to take his stuff and leave because she’s filing for divorce.

“All I want is to protect you,” he tries to explain. “I know you don’t believe it but that’s all I ever wanted to do.”

Upset with the turnout of his conversation with Cordelia, Hank begins to load up his weapons. However Hank doesn’t return to Miss Robichaux’s – he heads straight for Marie Laveau’s Cornrow City studio. Busting inside the hair salon, Hank begins blowing a hole through everyone in the building – including Queenie. Making his way towards Marie Laveau, Hank’s about to shoot the Voodoo Queen when a severely injured Queenie takes one of the guns that Hank drops and shoots herself in the head. The human voodoo doll not only blows a hole through her head … but protects Marie Laveau by blowing a hole through Hank’s as  well.

Other moments from “Head”:

-Queenie tries to educate Madame LaLaurie’s severed head about black history. While she initially refuses to watch, the old videos and music eventually begin to sink in and Madame LaLaurie cries.

-Fiona brings home a dog to help protect the witches in the house and the dog quickly does its job by discovering Kyle. But Kyle quickly snaps the dogs neck and Fiona has a brilliant idea. When the girls come home they find Fiona playing cards with a “spruced up” Kyle – who has become the Coven’s guard dog that “will attack upon command.”

-Hank’s father is left crying over photos of his son’s body.

-Marie Laveau shows up on the doorstep of Miss Robichaux’s … seemingly ready to make an alliance with Fiona.