Hearts, silver bullets and severed heads … oh my! After a week off for Thanksgiving, “American Horror Story: Coven” returned on Wednesday with episode 8, “The Sacred Taking.” With Fiona’s health failing, the war brewing between the Coven and the Voodoo, and witch hunter Hank on the loose, we’re breaking down the top seven moments of the night:

Queenie Chooses Sides

In episode 7, “American Horror Story” viewers saw that Queenie was beginning to doubt whether she belonged with the Coven. She visited Marie Laveau, and the Voodoo Queen told her that she could join the House of Voodoo … but the admission price would be Madame LaLaurie.

Queenie ended up handing Madame LaLaurie over to Marie Laveau, but did she change her mind about leaving Miss Robichaux’s Academy?

Unfortunately, no! Madison and Zoe met up with Queenie and despite asking her to come back (“We know our Coven is a s**t show right now.”), the human voodoo doll was sticking by her decision to join Marie Laveau. “War is coming,” she tells the girls while she holds a heart she ripped out of a bad man. “And you’re going to lose.”

Luke’s Punishment

“American Horror Story” fans haven’t seen Luke since he helped the girls fight off the zombies. But he returns in episode 8 and his mother, Joan, is not happy with him.

“You’re unclean from the inside out, but we’re going to fix that,” Joan warns him. “Take off your pants.”

Forcing Luke to sit in a bathtub, she makes her son perform an enema using Ajax.

The Sacred Taking

With Misty Day and Myrtle joining the Coven, the witches at Miss Robichaux’s hatch a plan to remove Fiona from power – The Sacred Taking. The Sacred Taking is a ritual from the Salem witches in which a Supreme must take her own life in order for the next Supreme to rise and lead. The only problem is that Fiona wants to “stay alive just to spite them.”

With Fiona's cancer worsening, the witches plan on convincing her to kill herself. Madison returns to haunt her, telling her that she’s the new Supreme and has the power of resurgence. Myrtle echoes Madison and gives Fiona an ultimatum – take some pills and die peacefully or burn at the stake tomorrow.  But Fiona has a plan C … run.

“I’m not ready,” she tells Myrtle. “I found someone I belong to. Someone I truly Love. I won’t last long. He wants to take care of me.”

Myrtle, however, convinces Fiona that she’ll die the same way she lived her life – alone and disappointed by everyone. Taking the pills, Fiona drifts off peacefully …

Spalding Returns

… but Fiona can never be at peace with spirits haunting Miss Robichaux’s. She awakens in a dream state to find Spalding standing in front of her with the ability to talk. Explaining that he was murdered and can now “see everything,” Spalding reveals that Madison lied about being the next Supreme. Instead he warns Fiona that it’s a “dirty swamp witch.” Convincing Fiona to vomit up the pills and keep fighting, Fiona promises her old servant that she will avenge his murder … “right after I avenge my own.”

Hank Aims

As the girls wait for Fiona to die, each one hopes that they’ll become the next Supreme. Nan runs off when the girls say that they don’t think she’ll be the next Supreme. Leaving the house to check on Luke next door, she finds her crush in a closet in pain. Helping him down the stairs, they make plans to run away together … but Joan won’t let that happen. Calling the cops on Nan, she tells them that she has an intruder in the house. When Luke tries to defend Nan, Joan warns her son that she’ll “take him out of this world if he leaves.”

But Luke doesn’t get a chance to argue with Joan because a red dot appears on Joan’s chest and gunshots follow. With Hank really trying to aim for Nan, the witch hunter tries again … but Luke pushes her out of the way, taking the bullet himself.

A Twist In The Love Triangle

Madison and Zoe may be “sharing” Kyle, but the boy reveals he has stronger feelings for one of the young witches. Practicing his English, Kyle tells Zoe, “I love you.”

Zoe says it back, but what neither of them realize is that Madison overheard their moment … and is pretty upset.

A Special Delivery

“The Sacred Taking” ended with a major game changer. With Fiona alive and the Coven now aware that they have a witch hunter after them, Cordelia is grateful that her mother is still around. But a special delivery makes Cordelia and Fiona realize that the witch hunter isn’t their only problem.

Opening up the mysterious box, Fiona finds Madame LaLaurie’s head in the box … and it gasps for help.

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