“American Horror Story: Coven” is winding down with only three episodes remaining. While viewers may not be ready to say goodbye to the New Orleans witches, there's no denying that everyone wants to know who the next Supreme will be … and if they’ll live to take the throne.

So, who is the next Supreme? A leaked synopsis for episode 13, “The Seven Wonders,” confirms that a new Supreme will rise on Jan. 29. Fans will have to wait until then to find out who it is, but that’s not going to stop up from speculating!

“American Horror Story” co-creator Ryan Murphy took to Twitter on Wednesday, Jan. 8 to give his followers a behind-the-scenes peek at filming and the photo he posted is pretty revealing. “The witches hard at work,” he tweeted along with a shot of Gabourey Sidibe (Queenie), Lily Rabe (Misty Day), Taissa Farmiga (Zoe) and Sarah Paulson (Cordelia).

The four women can be seen inside Miss Robichaux’s, dressed in their black witches garb and keeping warm by a space heater as they check out their phones. While Murphy doesn’t reveal what scene they are preparing to film, one would assume that they’re in final stages of production for the season finale. If that is the case, the four ladies could be prepping for the “Seven Wonders.”

For those who haven’t been keeping up, the “Seven Wonders” is a test that must be completed by the next Supreme. While the exact requirements haven’t been laid out, we learned through flashbacks that the next Supreme must possess a series of powers. Many of the witches have been developing new powers over the course of the season, but the only way to confirm the next reigning Supreme is for them to pass all of the “Seven Wonders.”

Currently, the Coven is having some serious power struggles as Fiona fends off all the young witches vying to be the next Supreme. And as we’ve seen in the past, that power struggle is nothing new. Viewers learned earlier in the season that Fiona killed the previous Supreme when the ailing witch refused to hand over the title. Now that Fiona is dying of cancer, she’s bent on doing anything she can to keep the Supreme title -- which means not just seeking out the next Supreme and killing her … but murdering the whole Coven of young witches.

Check out the breakdown of Fiona’s competition:

Nan --> Out of the running.

In episode 10, we saw Nan develop some new powers and declare that she wanted to be the next Supreme -- and a good one at that -- which we believed until she murdered Joan. It doesn’t appear as if Nan will get the chance to take the “Seven Wonders” because she was drowned by Fiona and Marie Laveau, and then had her soul taken by Papa Legpa.

While several of the girls have developed the power of resurgence, a preview for episode 11 makes it seem as if Nan is eliminated for good.

Misty Day --> Still in the running.

Episode 10 also found Misty Day knocked out with a brick, shoved in an empty coffin and buried in a mausoleum, all thanks to the crafty Madison. We doubt Misty is dead, but if she did manage to suffocate in the tomb she previously revealed to Fiona that she had made plans for her return. The only question is how she’ll manage to get out of the situation.

Ryan Murphy’s photo reveals she'll be back among the witches, which means she’s still in the running for the Supreme although her only power seems to be resurgence.

Madison -->More than likely out.

Madison was initially murdered by Fiona after developing new powers. After her death, Cordelia revealed that Madison couldn’t be the next Supreme since she wasn’t a vision of health -- she suffered from a heart murmur. As we all know, Misty managed to bring Madison back from the dead (we bet she regrets that now), and when she returned she no longer had the heart murmur.

Madison told Nan and Zoe that she believed that it was God’s plan to kill her and bring her back to take over … just like Jesus Christ. While we don’t doubt her strength and power, Madison is the number one target for not only Fiona, but the other girls as well. Since she’s not featured in Ryan Murphy’s photo, our thoughts are that someone finally offed her … for good.

Queenie --> Still in the running.

Queenie was missing in action in episode 10 after getting shot in the gut and then shooting herself in the head in episode 9. We initially feared her to be dead from ae head wound, but Murphy’s photo makes it appear as if she managed to heal herself. If she's alive that means that she’s back in the running for Supreme. But we haven’t seen her develop any powers other than the human voodoo doll.

Zoe --> Still in the running.

“American Horror Story” started out with Zoe, which leads us to think that it will finish with Zoe. While she hasn’t had a really strong role in the past couple of episodes, we know that she has great powers that are growing. Our theory for Zoe is that while she might not be the next Supreme, the others will probably end up killing each other and leave her as the lone remaining witch.

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