Who’s ready for the “Freak Show” grand finale? “American Horror Story” will air the final episode, “Curtain Call,” on Wednesday, Jan. 21. And according to the synopsis for episode 13, Season 4 of the hit FX miniseries will end with a blood-splattered bang.

The summary suggests that the freaks will “rebel against new management” when “Curtain Call” airs. In Episode 12, Elsa (Jessica Lange) sold her beloved show out of spite from the mentally ill Chester (Neil Patrick Harris) to the mentally disturbed Dandy (Finn Wittrock) when she learned her monsters were planning her demise.

The Tattler twins (Sarah Paulson) warned Elsa that the freaks wanted vengeance for the death of Ethel (Kathy Bates) and that they were going to seek revenge that very night. Bette and Dot urged the Fraulein to hit the road to Hollywood, but after initial hesitation, Elsa finally obliged. However, before Elsa left for Tinseltown she met up with the murderous Dandy to hand him over the deed to the show.

So, what can viewers anticipate from the finale of “Freak Show”? Well, we have a few ideas. Check out our four theories below of what might happen when “Curtain Call” airs:

1. White Wedding

In the promo video for episode 13, it was quickly teased that someone from Dandy’s troupe might be getting married in “Curtain Call” – and we think we know who the blushing bride(s) might be.

Dandy has always been obsessed with the Tattler Twins, ever since he first saw them perform in Elsa’s freak show. In fact, his obsession grew so strong that he even turned his mother into a two-headed freak show performer by stitching the head of a neighbor he had decapitated to her body.

Dandy had once asked the girls to marry him when they were living under his roof, but they turned him down. We doubt he’d let them deny his proposal again – especially considering the fact that he’s now their boss.

2. The Return Of The Carnies

If you were keeping you fingers crossed for the reprisal of Twisty (John Carrol Lynch) in “Freak Show,” you’re in luck! Murphy revealed during an interview with Entertainment Weekly that the beloved clown with a warped face would be making an appearance in the Season 4 finale. And apparently, Twisty won't be the only dead carnie returning to haunt the Florida-based freak show.

Twisty is not over, and neither is Edward Mordrake (Wes Bentley). They both make triumphant returns. I was shocked to read so many of these ‘RIP Twisty’ websites and blogs have sprung up. People love Twisty. I think that’s due to the power of John as an actor. I think he’s just so mesmerizing and sympathetic,” the “AHS” co-creator revealed. “We talked a lot about that. He didn’t just want to be a killer clown. He wanted an ideology and a backstory, and I think that clown’s backstory is so fascinating and bizarre. We’re talking on Halloween day and I’ve already seen three Twistys, so he apparently hit a nerve. I love him. I loved his performance. He will return."

But who will summon the undead-troupe? And does this mean viewers should expect to see another carnie added to Mordrake’s posse of dead freaks?

3. Elsa’s Demise

In episode 10 it was revealed that Elsa would make it big in Hollywood when Pepper (Naomi Grossman) uncovered the Fraulein's face plastered across the cover of Time magazine while filling paper at her new gig in Briarcliff. But does that mean Elsa will survive the finale of “Freak Show”? Or could Elsa's life still be in danger?

In the promo video, Dandy is seen loading a gun and aiming it through the front of the tent curtain. The next scene involves Elsa falling to the floor. Is it possible that Dandy shot and killed the former freak show owner?

4. Dandy’s Death

Someone will be forced to join Mordrake’s ghostly troupe in episode 13 when the dead carneis return – and we have a feeling it might be Dandy. Just like Twisty, Dandy can’t see the error in his actions, which is why he’d make the perfect candidate to join Mordrake’s coterie.

And we have to admit, Dandy might be tickled at the thought of becoming a member of Mordrake’s freaky crew. He has, after all, sought to be a freak his whole life – it’s when he’s with them that he feels most normal.

What do you think will happen in the Season 4 finale of “American Horror Story”? Tune in to episode 13 when “Freak Show” airs Wednesday, Jan. 21, at 10 p.m. EST on FX.