Ryan Murphy does it again! A new, chilling video teaser for Season 4 of the hit FX miniseries, “American Horror Story,” has officially been revealed online. And yeah, you could say the eerie promo left us with more than just a few pesky goose bumps.

The teaser, “Fallen Angel,” is the first taste fans have gotten of the show’s newest season, “Freakshow.” It was announced on Nov. 6 that the spooktastic series was picked up for a fourth season and “Freakshow” would be taken place at a carnival, writer Doug Petrie reported.

In “Fallen Angel” viewers can see Petrie wasn’t joking around. The teaser begins with a beautiful, blonde angel revealing herself to an unseen audience as she thrusts her great, white wings to her sides. However, from the tortured look on the angel’s face one can tell she may be unwillingly showing off her feathery annexes.

That prediction is made crystal clear when viewers spot a vicious-looking Mime raising the angel’s wing like a puppeteer as he lifts wooden levers that have been nailed to the angel’s back. Does this mean the angel is actually a human who has been made to look like a supernatural creature for profit or have the wooden planks been inserted into her back because she had refused to perform? Either way both theories are scary enough to leave us sleeping with a nightlight on.

What did you think of the first teaser video of "Freakshow"? Tell us in the comments section below what your predictions for the upcoming series of “American Horror Story" are. We'd love to hear them.