Lady Gaga fans may love their Mother Monster, but they shouldn’t get too close to her during “American Horror Story: Hotel.” Spooky photos and details about the 29-year-old singer’s role have already been released, but series co-creator Ryan Murphy is giving fans a new warning about the “AHS” newcomer … “Gaga will get you.”

Murphy’s tease about Gaga’s character comes via Twitter. He posted the message, along with a chilling photo. The image features a silver gloved hand with sharp, pointy nails reaching for the back of a girl with blonde hair.

Lady Gaga will be portraying Elizabeth, the owner of Hotel Cortez in Los Angeles. Her character is also known as “The Countess,” and she has a few odd hobbies … like engaging in fouresomes and drinking blood. But that doesn’t mean she’s a vampire.

“I prefer the term ‘ancient blood virus,’” Murphy told Entertainment Weekly of Elizabeth’s diet. “It’s not vampires. It’s really a form of hemophilia in a way. There’s no capes and fangs.”

Gaga will be working closely alongside “American Horror Story” veterans Matt Bomer and Finn Wittrock. Elizabeth will be involved in a love triangle between Bomer’s character, Donovan, and Wittrock’s character, Tristan – both of whom share the same “ancient blood virus” as Elizabeth.

So, how do the three get their hands on the blood they thirst? Since fangs are not an option, Gaga’s gloved hand does the dirty work for them.

“American Horror Story” Season 5 premieres on FX on Wednesday, Oct. 7, at 10 p.m. ET. Are you afraid of Lady Gaga’s “Hotel” character? Tweet your thoughts to @AmandaTVScoop.