Dare to spend Halloween night in Hotel Cortez? The mysteries of “American Horror Story: Hotel” continued to unravel during episode 4 Wednesday night. Set on Devil’s Night, the day before Halloween, FX viewers learned more about Countess Elizabeth’s (Lady Gaga) children, along with some of the other chilling things that happened within the walls.

Check out the top moments from Season 5, episode 4:

Meet Ricky Ramirez

Hotel Cortez isn’t just for unfortunate tourists. A man by the name of Ricky Ramirez (Anthony Ruivivar) has a standing reservation at the hotel on Devil’s Night. And just like some of the other residents, Ricky has a secret -- he died in 2013.

That’s not the only thing that Ricky has in common with the other Hotel Cortez folks. He also has a similar taste for blood. Liz Taylor (Denis O’Hare) brings him to his room and teases that he has a couple of “treats” left on the pillow. But Liz Taylor’s not referring to mints or chocolate. The “treats” left on the pillow is people that had the misfortune of checking into Hotel Cortez. Ricky Ramirez takes the bedside lamp, bashing in the head of one of the hotel’s guests.

Ms. Evers Backstory

Blood dripping down John Lowe’s (Wes Bentley) wall leads him to the floor above him where he finds Ms. Evers (Mare Winningham). She’s busy scrubbing reappearing blood from the sheets when she hears John outside the door. Although the tub in the room is full of blood, she invites him inside where she reveals her story.

A flashback to Los Angeles in 1925 reveals tat Ms. Evers had a young son who wanted an elaborate Halloween costume. Ms. Evers didn’t have the time to make him what he wanted, so instead she cut holes out of a plain bed sheet and made him a ghost. That Halloween he ended up getting abducted by a serial killer who kidnapped and murdered multiple young boys.

“I wasn’t paying attention,” she confided in John. And that’s something he understands. The story reminds him of losing his own son, Holden (Lyric Lennon).

Ms. Evers’ son was part of the Wineville Chicken Coop murderers. All the police found of her son was a bloody sheet. His bones were scattered in a mass grave.

Needless to say, John is confused when his investigation into Ms. Evers’ story reveals that the crime took place 60 years ago. He’s shocked to find photos of Ms. Evers … who hasn’t aged a day.

Holden Goes Home

Alex (Chloë Sevigny) manages to bring Holden home after finding him at Hotel Cortez in episode 3. However, he’s not the same. She takes his temperature and is surprised to find that it’s 75.5. When he says he’s thirsty she brings him juice -- but Holden wants something else. She returns with the glass to find him feasting on their dog.

“I don’t feel good,” he tells Alex. “I need my mommy.”

Alex brings him back to Hotel Cortez and Holden immediately runs to his glass coffin at the bottom of the empty pool. Alex doesn’t know what to think. But fortunately Countess Elizabeth is waiting for her with answers.

The Countess claims that she “saved” Holden and her other children from neglect. Alex claims that she never neglected Holden, however a flashback reveals that John did. The Countess continues that Holden contracted an “ancient virus.” Although Holden has a “blood disorder,” he also has health, mortality and “ever lasting life.”

Alex demands that Countess Elizabeth change him back. But unfortunately that’s not an option. The Countess offers to let Alex join him for the price of undying loyalty, but Alex insists she’s going to find a cure. She holds a gun to The Countess and threatens to go to the police. However, Tristan (Finn Wittrock) overhears and strikes her down. He’s ready to kill her, but Countess Elizabeth tells him not to. She knows that Alex will change her mind.

A Date With Aileen Wuornos

John is drinking at the Hotel Cortez bar in order to spite Alex. His double martini gets to his head when he’s joined by a mysterious woman – Aileen Wuornos (Lily Rabe). Aileen has been visiting the hotel on Devil’s Night ever year for 13 years. John thinks that she’s familiar, but Aileen insists that they haven’t met unless he tried to pick up a prostitute in Florida.

John catches on that she’s the infamous serial killer, however he thinks it’s just a costume. Aileen goes into more detail about her crimes, but he still doesn’t grasp that he’s talking to the real deal. Instead, he invites her back to his room.

“You’re too drunk to see how ugly that woman is,” Liz Taylor warns him. That’s not an issue for John though.

“I’m too drunk to care,” he fires back.

He should have listened to Liz Taylor. Upon returning to the room, Aileen successfully knocks him out and handcuffs him to a chair. She’s got a gun to his head but John manages to flip the situation. He handcuffs her to the bathroom sink and heads down to the front desk to get answers. And Liz Taylor certainly has answers for him. John gets his very own invite to the Devil’s Night Soiree, an intimate and exclusive affair hosted by James March (Evan Peters).

Devil’s Night Soiree

John returns to his bedroom and finds that Aileen is gone. However, a tux was dropped off for the Devil’s Night Soiree. He puts it on and goes to the specified room to find Aileen joined by other infamous killers – Richard Ramirez, John Wayne Gacy (John Carroll Lynch), Jeffrey Dahmer (Seth Gabel) and the Zodiac killer. John immediately suspects that it’s a Halloween trick done by actors, but James March insists that he invited John to “help” him. James March believes that John could have “greatness” if he weren’t so blind. John doesn’t see that though.

The group drinks absinthe and recants how they all got together. James March is the “master,” he taught all of them how to be the best serial killer possible. Each one of them somehow ended up at Hotel Cortez where James March inspired them. Now they all get together year after year to reminisce about old times -- and kill again.

Hypodermic Sally (Sarah Paulson) recruits an innocent man on the street looking for a good time. She brings him up to the party and offers him to James March in exchange for another year of “being left alone.” After a toast, the killers take their weapons of choice and take turns stabbing their victim.

John is horrified, but Sally snaps him out of it. She manages to convince him that he’s hallucinating due to the absinthe and that she found him alone in the room crying. “You have to trust me,” she tells him. “I’m your protector.”

He takes her word for it and allows her to help him back to his room.

A New Recruit

Episode 4 of “American Horror Story: Hotel” ends with Alex returning to Hotel Cortez to take Countess Elizabeth up on her offer. The Countess warns Elizabeth that the transition won’t be easy, but Alex insists that she can’t lose Holden again. After locking lips with The Countess, Alex drinks her blood.

“You will rise and be reunited with your child for all of eternity,” Countess Elizabeth tells her.