We have so many questions about “American Horror Story: Hotel” that we don’t even know where to begin. How is Sally (Sarah Paulson) still “alive”? Is Iris (Kathy Bates) “dead” too? Who gave the ancient blood virus to Countess Elizabeth (Lady Gaga)? Why is the Ten Commandments killer striking now? Season 5 of the FX anthology series is only two episodes deep, so answers are coming, but we have some theories while we wait.

James March’s Wife

“American Horror Story” viewers were introduced to the original hotel owner, James March (Evan Peters), during episode 2. It was revealed that March was an evil man who enjoyed torturing and killing people. In fact, his obsession with death was so serious that he even built the hotel to be able to hide the body. Because if you can’t find the body, then there is no crime.

Iris explained to Detective John Lowe (Wes Bentley) that it’s believed that March was responsible for killing approximately three people a week. She added that he had an accomplice, the maid Miss Evers (Mare Winningham), and that he allegedly forced his wife to watch him commit the gruesome acts. However, a flashback to 1925 hinted that his wife wasn’t forced into anything. In fact, it appeared as if she enjoyed watching.

Fans didn’t get to see March’s wife, but they did get a quick glimpse of her hair: blonde, just like Countess Elizabeth. We already know that she was born in 1904, so it’s certainly possible that she was married to March.

Countess Elizabeth’s “Vampire” Maker

AHS Countess Elizabeth "American Horror Story" viewers learned more about Countess Elizabeth's (Lady Gaga) history, but they still don't know who gave her the "ancient blood virus." Photo: FX

Countess Elizabeth isn’t technically a vampire. She suffers from an “ancient blood virus” and cuts -- not bites -- people to drink their blood. That said, she still needs a “maker.” All she told Tristan (Finn Wittrock) after turning him is that the person who turned her was “even more beautiful” than him. So who was the one responsible for gifting her with the ancient blood virus? His identity has yet to be revealed, but the Countess does seem to have a type – tall, dark and twisted. Could March be the one that turned her? His interest in torture and blood would be a turn on for the Countess. And his stupid mistake that got him caught by the police could be what Countess Elizabeth was referring to when she warned Tristan not to be reckless. However, she did say that her maker was long gone. March appears to be some sort of “ghost” living in Hotel Cortez – maybe the dead can’t have relationships with the living?

Offspring Of The Devil

March was committing a series of crimes based on the Ten Commandments prior to his death. Now in the present day, someone is picking up where he left off. Could the killer be the child of March and his mysterious wife? It would certainly follow a trend in “American Horror Story.” In Season 1 Tate’s (Evan Peters) and Vivien’s (Connie Britton) evil baby killed its nanny. In Season 2 Lana’s (Sarah Paulson’s) baby that was given up for adoption grew up to follow in the footsteps of his father, Dr.Thredson, AKA serial killer Bloody Face (Zachary Quinto).

E! Online got their hands on photos of Lady Gaga on the set of “American Horror Story: Hotel” with what appears to be a baby bump. If a flashback reveals that Countess Elizabeth did have a baby, is it still alive? Is it one of the characters that we already know? And is it the new Ten Commandments killer?

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